Engineering and environment

VDMA Metallurgy, together with the European association CEMAFON and the OPC Foundation has launched the "OPC UA High Pressure Die Casting Initiative".
In an interview with the specialist journal Prozesswärme, the former Chairman of FOGI, Dipl.-Phys. Matthias Rink, deals with the main areas of research for the future of the industry. Mr. Rink asks whether synthetic gases will have the same interactions with firmness materials, especially burner materials, or whether new research will be required to identify appropriate material combinations.
The term “climate targets” is normally used to refer to limiting global warming to a maximum of 2 Kelvin and a reduction of between 80% and 95% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This article by Dr Franz Beneke looks at the political framework and the resulting possible effects on thermo process industry.

News from standardization

Discussion of the international safety standard ISO/WD 23062 for mold and core making machines successfully started.
Discussion of an international safety standard for die casting machines successfully started.
Following the meeting on the revision of EN 14753, the experts from CEN/TC 322 met on 31 January and 01 February in Buttrio/Italy to continue the revision of EN 15094 "Cold Rolling Mills - Safety".
After more than 6 years of standstill due to discrepancies between the companies involved, the experts of CEN/TC 322 met in Tarcento Italy on 29 and 30 January to resume negotiations on the standard contents of EN 14753 "Continuous Casting Machines - Safety".
Preliminary talks on the design of finishing lines completed
Preliminary discussions on the draft EN 15061 completed
On November 7 and 8, 2017, experts from the WG 3 (rolling mills) of the CEN TC 322 (safety requirements for metallurgical plants and rolling mills) met to discuss and elaborate the draft standard "Safety requirements for finishing lines for metal strip".
The agenda included reports from the individual WGs, a proposal to set up a new sub-committee "Blast Furnace" and the question of under which guardianship a standard for the cupola furnace should be developed.
Comments successfully discussed and approved
The standard is not published as EN ISO at first.

VDMA Specifications

The recommendations in this VDMA Specification define the interface between the high pressure metal diecasting machines and extracting devices. die spraying devices as well as metal feeding devices. This is intended to provide interchangeability. A further specification deals with the determination of the machine-specific power consumption of metal diecasting machines.
VDMA’s standard specifications 24202, 24206 and 24217 for thermo processing plants provide users, especially machinery producers and operators, with technical recommendations and practical suggestions that make design, planning and tendering easier.
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